Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition

2017 Exhibitors

2017 Exhibitors


Below is a list of companies that exhibited at the 2017 Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition. Click on the logo to go to the exhibitor’s website.


Advent Energy

Booth 111, 113

Advent Technologies is a leader in the design, development and production of polymers, membranes, gas diffusion electrodes, and membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for high temperature proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. The high temperature PEM fuel cell allows for co- generation of heat and power, high tolerance to fuel impurities, fuel flexibility, and simpler system design.

Australian Mines Limited

Booth 106

Producer of scandium oxide, a key component of solid oxide fuel cells. 



Booth 212

Founded in 1948, AVL now has a global network of 36 technical centers (4 in the U.S.) with 4000 staff working worldwide in all aspects of powertrain systems engineering. 120 are now involved in AVL’s fuel cell systems engineering business. AVL’s fuel cell projects start generally at the stack level. We have the capability to design, analyze, prototype build, test, develop and integrate SOFC (& PEM) power systems for R&D and all the way to production intent design level applications.


booth 210

CerPoTech manufactures advanced ceramic powders for applications such as SOFC/SOEC, gas separation membranes, piezoceramics and many more. With our unique process we synthesize high quality ceramic powders that are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers and partners. We offer a large selection of state-of-the-art powders for Solid Oxide cells and produce customized powders in small or large batches upon your demand.


Booth 410

CeTech, located in Taichung (Central Taiwan) was established in September 2006 based on the notion of creating “Clean Energy Technology”.  We use carbon materials to produce synthetic graphite sheet for smart phone heat management, gas diffusion layers (GDL) for fuel cells and graphite electrodes for Vanadium Redox-flow Battery (VRB). CeTech has a strong and experienced R/D team that can provide high quality and performance products. We offer products with great performance and the best price in the market. Synthetic graphite sheet and GDLs are currently our first priority. We will also strive continuously to introduce new materials and other carbon related products to benefit our customers and keep them on the cutting edge.


Booth 109

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH offers a full range of equipment and R&D for coating, printing and laminating plants for Roll-to-Roll and Sheet-to-Sheet applications.

CT Clean Bank

Booth 111,113

The Connecticut Green Bank accelerates the deployment of clean energy by using limited public dollars to attract private capital investment in clean energy projects. In doing so, it makes clean energy more affordable and accessible to consumers. The Connecticut Green Bank innovates, educates and is active in accelerating the growth of green energy. The Connecticut Green Bank partners with private-sector investors to create low-cost, long-term, sustainable financing to implement green energy measures in the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and infrastructure sectors. 

CT Hydrogen Fuel Cell Coalition

Booth 111,113

The Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition works to enhance economic growth in Connecticut through the development, manufacture, and deployment of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies and associated fueling systems.

CSA Group

booth 317

CSA Group performs testing & certification to North American and International hydrogen component & tank standards as well as regulations including the new UN Global Technical Regulation for Fuel Cell Vehicles (UN GTR 13) and the European ECE R134 regulation. Our state-of-the-art laboratories utilize the latest equipment and techniques to perform Hydraulic Pressure Testing, Hydrogen Gas Testing, Fuel System and Component Testing, and Remote Field Testing. With over 90 years of combined experience in high pressure testing of fuel storage systems and fueling station components, we can help give your business a competitive edge with recognized marks and a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Doosan Fuel Cell America

booth 110

Doosan Fuel Cell America,  Inc.  is a global leader in providing clean, continuous-duty, cost-competitive stationary fuel cell energy systems. Our PureCell® systems operate 24/7 with high efficiency and ultra-low emissions, allowing our customers to generate their own electricity and heat onsite while reducing their utility expenses and environmental emissions. With over 12 million fleet operating hours, PureCell® systems have demonstrated unparalleled durability and reliability.

Eco Energy International

Booth 104

Eco Energy International is a joint venture of Bio Carbon Fuels (BCF) and Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI), working together to develop and commercialize technologies to produce clean renewable energy.  Our patented, scalable technologies produce pure hydrogen at costs rivaling those of large scale facilities but without releasing greenhouse gases (CO2, CO) that traditional processes produce. By using renewable feedstocks, this hydrogen is considered green (renewable) hydrogen that is in high demand in a growing market.


Booth 208

Developing pioneering product solutions and new technologies for the current and future generation of vehicles.  ElringKlinger’s portfolio encompasses gaskets, lightweight plastic components, shielding systems, battery and fuel cell technology, transmission control plates, exhaust aftertreatment systems, components made of high-performance plastics, tooling technology, and development services.


Booth 213

Precision pressure control company specializing in back pressure and vacuum control. Equilibar’s back pressure regulators are used in Fuel Cell test systems for their extremely wide flow range and low pressure drop capabilities.

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association 

booth 118

The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) represents the leading companies and organizations that are advancing innovative, clean, safe, and reliable energy technologies.  FCHEA drives support and provides a consistent industry voice to regulators and policymakers. Our educational efforts promote the environmental and economic benefits of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies. 

FuelCell Energy

booth 319

FuelCell Energy (NASDAQ: FCEL) delivers efficient, affordable and clean solutions for the supply, recovery and storage of energy.  We design, manufacture, undertake project development, install, operate and maintain megawatt-scale fuel cell systems, serving utilities, industrial and large municipal power users with solutions that include both utility-scale and on-site power generation, carbon capture, local hydrogen production for transportation and industry, and long duration energy storage.  With SureSource™ installations on three continents and millions of megawatt hours of ultra-clean power produced, FuelCell Energy is a global leader with environmentally responsible power solutions.  Visit us online at www.fuelcellenergy.com and follow us on Twitter.


booth 412

fuelcellmaterials was established in 2000 as a wholly owned division of NexTech Materials, Ltd. (which is now Nexceris, LLC) to commercialize innovative ceramic materials technology and products. These technologies and products are suited to the developing of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and fuel processing markets which include such items as: powders, pastes, catalysts, components and test fixtures.

Through our NTM Sensors group, fuelcellmaterials also provides hydrogen safety sensors that are designed to monitor hydrogen levels present in motive & stationary fuel cell applications as well as in any facilities where hydrogen gas is used or may be generated.

fuelcellmaterials is backed by its dedicated staff of material scientists and engineers who deliver high quality materials and assist in helping our clients meet all of their needs. This high level of expertise allows our staff to quickly and accurately tailor our powders and components to fit the needs and processes of our clients. These changes can be as simple as a physical property change or as complex streamlining to a material to work with specific applications.

Fuel Cell Store

Booth 100  

Offers the widest selection in fuel cell materials, education kits, equipment, and hardware as well as the newest products and technologies from renowned international vendors.

Greenlight Innovation

Booth 313

Greenlight Innovation manufactures fuel cell, electrolyzer and battery testing and assembly equipment.


booth 102

HIBLOW has manufactured and provided hundreds of thousands of pump units for global fuel cell integrators since 2005—including gas boosters, cathode air blowers, and hydrogen recirculation blowers. Low energy consumption, exceptional service life, low noise, and lubrication free—HIBLOW pumps are the ideal fluid power component for your integrated fuel cell system.


Front entrance 

Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle 

HyET Hydrogen 

Booth 418

Impact Coatings 

booth 312

Best-in-class Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings for fuel cell bipolar plates, and new generation contact coatings for connectors.


booth 219

NOVOROCS Technologies specializes in development and manufacture of catalytic solutions for the energy and petrochemical industries.  Products include catalysts, fuel reformers, catalytic combustors / burners, recuperators, and reactors for preferential methanation and oxidation.  Applications include portable, automotive, residential, commercial and industrial fuel cell systems. In addition to the fuel cell industry, NOVOROCS is also developing catalytic solutions for conversion of flare gas to methane, improved utilization of biogas, syngas production for gas to liquids, and recuperated high efficiency internal combustion heat engines.

Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition 

Booth 104 

United group of industry, academic, and government leaders working collectively to strengthen Ohio’s fuel cell industry and to accelerate the transformation of the region to global leadership in fuel cell technology.  

Osaka Chamber of Commerce 

Booths 209/308/211/310

The Kansai/JAPAN TECH booth, powered by OCCI/METI-Kansai, will feature four companies from Osaka, Japan, including Fujikin, Takaishi Industry, Samtech, and NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC.  

  • Fujikin - design and manufacturing of advanced fluid and gas flow valves, fittings and control systems.
  • Takaishi Industry - manufactures rubber packings, gaskets, O-rings, sealings.
  • Samtech - development and manufacture of high-pressure gas cylinders.
  • NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC - gas detectors and alarm equipment.

Praxair Specialty Ceramics

Booth 321

Over more than 30 years, Praxair Surface Technologies has established itself as a world leading supplier of multi-metallic component oxide powder and sintered materials to further advancement in the material science field via its Specialty Ceramics division.  Specializing in cathode, anode, interconnects, barrier layers and electrolytes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers, Proton Conducting Fuel Cells and Mixed Ion Electronic Ceramics.  With experience in synthesis of over 3,000 unique multi-metallic oxide material compositions, together with production capacity in place to support R&D quantities to full scale metric megaton production scale-up, Praxair’s Specialty Ceramics division is uniquely positioned to partner in advancing your mission.

Precision Combustion, Inc.

Booth 111, 113

PCI develops manufactures and markets gas and liquid fuel reformers, fuel processors and fuel cell system catalytic oxidizers. Target applications include portable, genset, vehicle APU, aircraft, industrial and marine fuel cell systems. PCI is also developing integrated fuel reforming/fuel processing solutions for industrial syngas applications and integrated fuel cell systems for power and propulsion applications. Another area of effort is development of Sabatier methanation systems for use in power to gas applications.

Proton Onsite

Booth 111, 113

Proton OnSite is a global leader in hydrogen generation system solutions, ranging from kW to multi-MW of input power. Proton OnSite’s advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis technology provides an enabling capability for a wide range of industrial hydrogen and emerging energy market applications. Proton offers design and integration expertise for compression, storage, and dispensing equipment that complements its electrolyzer products.  As a wholly owned subsidiary of Nel Hydrogen, Proton has expanded its commercial technology and capability offerings to include large scale alkaline electrolyzers, as well as turnkey hydrogen fueling packages for cars, buses, trucks, and material handling equipment. 


Booth 218

SAFCell utilizes proprietary Solid Acid Fuel Cell stacks for dependable stationary and portable power applications. From tens of watts to several kilowatts, the Company’s technology is lower cost and more durable than existing technology while also having greater fuel flexibility.  

SAFCell’s initial product is a 50 W power system for remote O&G applications. Field deployment and validation for the O&G units is scheduled for the fall of 2017 with Cenovus, Repsol, and Husky Energy.

SAFCell has pioneered a new fuel cell technology which operates at mid-temperatures thus avoiding exotic and expensive materials often used in high-temperature fuel cells while retaining the use of conventional fuels (natural gas, propane and diesel), rather than ultra-pure hydrogen as required by low-temperature fuel cells. SAFCell has also developed hydrogen generators that can generate ultra-pure hydrogen from the same conventional fuels SAFCell fuel cell generators run on.

Power sources using SAFCell technology can operate much longer between refueling with minimal maintenance, and are virtually silent when compared to traditional combustion generators. Hydrogen generators using SAFCell technology can produce pure hydrogen at point of use for energy storage, power generation, and industrial purposes.

Sandvik Materials Technology 

Booth 116

Sandvik delivers an integrated solution to produce metallic bipolar plates. The product line Sandvik Sanergy™ consists of a tailored substrate material combined with a surface coating optimized for a specific type of fuel cell environment e.g. PEFC or SOFC. The material is supplied in coils, slit to customer width and is ready to be stamped into shape. For highest productivity, the coils can be supplied in weights up to several metric tonnes. Sandvik can also provide extensive testing connected to the products such as ICR measurements, corrosion testing and post corrosion ICR measurements on both flat and formed geometries.

Secant Technical Materials 

Booth 117

Secant Technical Materials, a division of Secant Group, focuses on innovation and invention to develop high-value custom material and textile offerings to solve the most challenging applications. We design, develop and manufacture custom next-generation, high-performance solutions that enable our customers to be market leaders in space, energy, filtration and other industrial markets.

As an extension of your design team, we take a cross-functional, collaborative engineering approach to product development. Throughout our integrated product development process, you’ll work with a team of engineers who have expertise in textile design, quality, manufacturing and continuous improvement. 

Our capabilities include rapid prototyping, manufacturing technologies encompassing textile formation: knitting, weaving, braiding, extrusions of custom-engineered fiber, chemical and temperature-resistant fabrics, coatings, metallization, laser cutting, heat setting, assembly, and packaging, material characterization and analysis.

SulfaTrap LLC

Booth 309

SulfaTrap LLC is a leading supplier of deep desulfurization products and contaminant removal systems (e.g., metals, halides).  The proprietary sorbents eliminate all sulfur contaminants ranging from simple sulfides to complex thiophenes from a range of process streams.  SulfaTrap LLC provides its customers with bulk media and/or fully customized turn-key purification solutions for various applications.

Sustainable Innovations 

Booth 111, 113

Sustainable Innovations builds and delivers products in the hydrogen supply, energy storage and CO2 transformation markets. SI’s field-tested electrochemical hydrogen purification systems recycle hydrogen (including its more valuable isotopes, deuterium and tritium) for semiconductor, glass, metals and other manufacturers. SI is developing electrochemical hydrogen compression systems for hydrogen energy storage and fuel cell vehicle fueling. Utilizing our patented electrochemical platform, our CO2 conversion technology generates fuels and chemicals from CO2 and excess renewables, providing conversion of greenhouse gases and excess renewable power to high value products for energy storage or industrial use.


Booth 311

Founded in 1975, Sono-Tek Corporation provides precision ultrasonic nozzle coating equipment for manufacturing fuel cells, solar cells, and other advanced electronics.  Using high frequency vibrations, our patented ultrasonic atomizer technology provides a highly uniform distribution of catalyst particles, creating durable, pinhole-free fuel cell coatings with up to 95% platinum yields in exchange membranes such as Nafion for the highest load and greatest cell efficiencies. Equipment ranges from small scale R&D to 24/7 high volume production line solutions. Sono-Tek is an ISO certified and publicly traded company. Sono-Tek systems are designed and manufactured at our corporate headquarters in Milton, New York. 


booth 408

Team FAST is an innovative and ambitious multidisciplinary student team from the University of Technology in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We are developing a new power system which uses a new sustainable fuel; Hydrozine. Hydrozine is sustainable produced Formic Acid, which can be made with green electricity, CO2 and water. The electrical energy is stored in a liquid, which brings along many advantages.

The system Team FAST is developing can used in a wide-range of application. For example, bus range-extenders, generators or inland ships. The first full-scale prototype is currently tested. 


front entrance

Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle 


Booth 420, Back left display 

Manufacturer of zero emission and near-zero emission drive systems and components for medium and heavy duty vehicles. TransPower’s integrated ElecTruck™ Battery-electric drive system, capable of powering the largest Class 8 trucks on the road, now comes equipped with a fuel cell range extender designed to double the operating range of trucks using electric propulsion. The fuel cell truck to be exhibited at the Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exhibition will be one of the first fuel cell-powered Class 8 trucks used in real-world commercial service anywhere in the world.

Ultrasonic Systems

Booth 318

Ultrasonic Systems, Inc. (USI) manufactures high-performance spray coating systems based upon proprietary, nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology.  This technology is widely used for the thin, uniform application of a variety of coatings onto carbon paper and cloth GDL's, membranes, interconnect plates and cylindrical substrates for high and low temperature PEM, DMFC, and SOFC fuel cells.  

USI’s Prism coating system product line offers a platform for each stage of fuel cell process development and manufacturing:  Prism 400 for R&D;  Prism 500 for R&D and manufacturing; and Prism 800 for high-volume, high throughput manufacturing.  All Prism systems feature Precision Metering Pump technology designed for precision flow control while keeping coatings properly mixed and a heated vacuum stage specifically designed for fuel cell substrates.   USI products deliver a superior alternative to air-atomizing or conventional ultrasonic nozzle spray for fuel cell manufacturing. Coating trials are available on USI systems at the company headquarters in Haverhill, MA.

US Hybrid/US Fuel Cell

Booth 112

US FuelCell is a wholly owned subsidiary of US Hybrid with more than 26 years of experience in fuel cell balance of plant components and vehicle development and deployment. US FuelCell was established in 2013 after the purchase of the UTC Power PEM fuel cell Transportation division along with the global PEM IP license. US FuelCell continues to operate in the former UTC Power facility and is focused on developing new technologies and products and manufacturing freeze-capable PEM fuel cell engines with integrated control and power conversion for medium and heavy-duty fuel cell commercial buses and trucks.


Booth 216

Venair is an international group leader in engineering and manufacturing of silicone hoses for the most demanding industries, offering specific solutions for each customer in a short period of time. With headquarters in Barcelona, Venair Group operates in more than worldwide through 28 offices in Europe, America and Asia.

Xergy Inc.

booth 217

XERGY Inc. is the world leader in development of advanced composite ion exchange membranes and MEAs(Membrane Electrode Assembly). XERGY designs, develops, manufactures, sells, and services a range of high performance devices, modules, stacks, and systems employing its XION Ion Exchange Membranes.