Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition




Below is a list of confirmed exhibitors for the 2017 Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition. Click on the logo to go to the exhibitor’s website.

This list will be updated as more exhibitors confirm their booths. To see the current floor plan and available space, please click here.


Booths 309/408

Develops and manufactures complete production systems, automation, presses, tools and related aftermarket services for manufacturers of formed metal parts.

Australian Mines Limited

Booth 106

Producer of scandium oxide, a key component of solid oxide fuel cells. 



Booth 212

Founded in 1948, AVL now has a global network of 36 technical centers (4 in the U.S.) with 4000 staff working worldwide in all aspects of powertrain systems engineering. 120 are now involved in AVL’s fuel cell systems engineering business. AVL’s fuel cell projects start generally at the stack level. We have the capability to design, analyze, prototype build, test, develop and integrate SOFC (& PEM) power systems for R&D and all the way to production intent design level applications.


Booth 410

CeTech, located in Taichung (Central Taiwan) was established in September 2006 based on the notion of creating “Clean Energy Technology”.  We use carbon materials to produce synthetic graphite sheet for smart phone heat management, gas diffusion layers (GDL) for fuel cells and graphite electrodes for Vanadium Redox-flow Battery (VRB). CeTech has a strong and experienced R/D team that can provide high quality and performance products. We offer products with great performance and the best price in the market. Synthetic graphite sheet and GDLs are currently our first priority. We will also strive continuously to introduce new materials and other carbon related products to benefit our customers and keep them on the cutting edge.


Booth 109

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH offers a full range of equipment and R&D for coating, printing and laminating plants for Roll-to-Roll and Sheet-to-Sheet applications.

CT Clean Bank

Booth 111,113

The Connecticut Green Bank is an entity that accelerates the deployment of clean energy by using limited public dollars to attract private capital investment in clean energy projects. In doing so, it makes clean energy more affordable and accessible to consumers. The Connecticut Green Bank innovates, educates and is active in accelerating the growth of green energy. The Connecticut Green Bank partners with private-sector investors to create low-cost, long-term, sustainable financing to implement green energy measures in the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and infrastructure sectors.

CT Hydrogen Fuel Cell Coalition

Booth 111,113

The Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition, administered by the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, is comprised of representatives from Connecticut’s fuel cell and hydrogen industry, labor, academia, government, and other stakeholders. CCAT and the Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition work to enhance economic growth in Connecticut through the development, manufacture, and deployment of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies and associated fueling systems. The CHFCC is supported by the State of Connecticut, CCAT, and its members.


Booth 208

Developing pioneering product solutions and new technologies for the current and future generation of vehicles.  ElringKlinger’s portfolio encompasses gaskets, lightweight plastic components, shielding systems, battery and fuel cell technology, transmission control plates, exhaust aftertreatment systems, components made of high-performance plastics, tooling technology, and development services.


Booth 213

Precision pressure control company specializing in back pressure and vacuum control. Equilibar’s back pressure regulators are used in Fuel Cell test systems for their extremely wide flow range and low pressure drop capabilities.

Fuel Cell Store

Booth 100  

Offers the widest selection in fuel cell materials, education kits, equipment, and hardware as well as the newest products and technologies from renowned international vendors.

Greenlight Innovation

Booth 313

Greenlight Innovation manufactures fuel cell, electrolyzer and battery testing and assembly equipment.


booth 102

HIBLOW has manufactured and provided hundreds of thousands of pump units for global fuel cell integrators since 2005—including gas boosters, cathode air blowers, and hydrogen recirculation blowers. Low energy consumption, exceptional service life, low noise, and lubrication free—HIBLOW pumps are the ideal fluid power component for your integrated fuel cell system.


Front entrance 

Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle 

Impact Coatings 

booth 312

Best-in-class Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings for fuel cell bipolar plates, and new generation contact coatings for connectors.

Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition 

Booth 104 

United group of industry, academic, and government leaders working collectively to strengthen Ohio’s fuel cell industry and to accelerate the transformation of the region to global leadership in fuel cell technology.  

Osaka Chamber of Commerce 

Booths 209/308/211/310

The Kansai/JAPAN TECH booth, powered by OCCI/METI-Kansai, will feature four companies from Osaka, Japan, including Fujikin, Takaishi Industry, Samtech, and NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC.  

  • Fujikin - design and manufacturing of advanced fluid and gas flow valves, fittings and control systems.
  • Takaishi Industry - manufactures rubber packings, gaskets, O-rings, sealings.
  • Samtech - development and manufacture of high-pressure gas cylinders.
  • NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC - gas detectors and alarm equipment.


Booth 311

Founded in 1975, Sono-Tek Corporation provides precision ultrasonic nozzle coating equipment for manufacturing fuel cells, solar cells, and other advanced electronics.  Using high frequency vibrations, our patented ultrasonic atomizer technology provides a highly uniform distribution of catalyst particles, creating durable, pinhole-free fuel cell coatings with up to 95% platinum yields in exchange membranes such as Nafion for the highest load and greatest cell efficiencies. Equipment ranges from small scale R&D to 24/7 high volume production line solutions. Sono-Tek is an ISO certified and publicly traded company. Sono-Tek systems are designed and manufactured at our corporate headquarters in Milton, New York. 


front entrance

Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle 


Booth 420, Back left display 

Manufacturer of zero emission and near-zero emission drive systems and components for medium and heavy duty vehicles. TransPower’s integrated ElecTruck™ Battery-electric drive system, capable of powering the largest Class 8 trucks on the road, now comes equipped with a fuel cell range extender designed to double the operating range of trucks using electric propulsion. The fuel cell truck to be exhibited at the Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exhibition will be one of the first fuel cell-powered Class 8 trucks used in real-world commercial service anywhere in the world.

US Hybrid/US Fuel Cell

Booth 112


Booth 216

Venair is an international group leader in engineering and manufacturing of silicone hoses for the most demanding industries, offering specific solutions for each customer in a short period of time. With headquarters in Barcelona, Venair Group operates in more than worldwide through 28 offices in Europe, America and Asia.