Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition
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Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition Abstract Submission

Deadline is May 27, 2017

All submissions will be reviewed through the conference’s CMT Abstract Management Program. 

Please be sure to read through all of the guidelines and instructions prior to submission.


  1. Please limit your abstract to 600 words, and each submission uploaded should contain no fewer than 300 words each.  Please upload your submission as an MS Word file or a PDF file. 
  2. Files up to 9MB are acceptable.  
  3. All abstracts must be submitted electronically; No hard copies will be accepted.
  4. Abstracts should describe original work.
  5. If submitting more than one abstract, please submit each separately.
  6. Please indicate the following for each abstract submission:
    • Primary Author - Note: the Primary Author is also the Presenting Author and the author with whom all correspondence will be made.
    • Additional Authors (co-author(s) of the paper)
    • For the Primary Author ONLY, please provide a short biography (WORD LIMIT OF 150 WORDS), which includes your full contact information.
  7. When submitting supporting documentation, please consider adding a recent photo.  The conference mobile app will include your photo along with your session description.  Submitting a photo is optional.
  8. By submitting a presentation you agree (if selected) to upload your presentation file(s) (for Oral presenters ONLY) by Friday, September 29, 2017.


1.   Log into the CMT Abstract Management Program https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/FCSEE2017

If this is your first time using CMT, you must create an account. Make sure that your browser has cookies and Javascript enabled, and add cmt@microsoft.com to your list of safe senders (whitelist) to prevent important email announcements from being blocked by spam filters.

2.   Click “Create New Submission.”

Enter your Abstract Title:

  • Capitalize only the first letter of each word (do not capitalize prepositions and articles)
  • Do not use all UPPERCASE characters
  • Do not use a period at the end of the title

Enter your abstract. Be sure to check spelling and conformance with the 2017 guidelines.

3.   The Primary Author should also be the Presenting Author, or the author that will actually present the paper onsite.

  • The Primary Author will be considered the contact person for a submitted abstract. It is the responsibility of the Primary Author to contact all co-authors with the acceptance status and scheduling of the poster or oral presentation of the abstract at the meeting
  • Be sure to give a current e-mail address for the Primary Author. Abstract related correspondence is done via e-mail, so an incorrect e-mail address could cause a delay in the receipt of important information.
  • Add any co-authors/collaborators with whom you have prepared this abstract or with whom you will be presenting.

4.   Please select one subject area that your abstract addresses. Note every effort will be made to accommodate your request however, abstracts may be moved to a different subject area by the Program Committee, should they feel it necessary.

5.   Upload the supporting documentation for your submission.  You can upload from one to three files.  When submitting supporting documentation, please consider adding a recent photo.  The conference mobile app will include your photo along with your session description.  Submitting a photo is optional.  If submitting a photo, please agree to authorize the conference organizers to use your photo in conference promotional materials. 

6.   Choose your presentation preference. Please select either an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request; however, the Program Committee reserves the right to move your abstract into a different presentation category as they see fit.

7.   Enter a brief biographical sketch for the Primary Author ONLY. The Bio-sketch is limited to 150 words or less. Biographies will be used to produce an introduction to each accepted speaker during the session, and may be published.

8.   In some cases, presentations from the Poster Presentation category are chosen to act as a "Reserve" Oral Presentation. Reserve presentations may be chosen to fill in for an oral presentation, should there be a need for replacement.

Once you have submitted your abstract, please be sure to review your submission. Upon submission, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided for the Primary Author


Replacement and Corrections

  • To make edits to an existing abstract submission, you may log in to your abstract submission site, using your Username and Password that you initially created. Edits can be made using this method up until the abstract submission deadline, Friday, May 27, 2017.
  • Any changes to an existing abstract after the submission deadline must be made in writing at fuelcellseminar@fchea.org, attention: Karen Quackenbush.
  • Changes requested after the abstract submission deadline cannot be assured to appear in the meeting publication.

IMPORTANT: Do not resubmit your abstract. You may end up with duplicate submissions.

Withdraw a Submitted Abstract

  • To withdraw an existing abstract prior to the submission deadline date, Friday, May 27, 2017, you may log-in to the submission site using your Username and Password. Then click on the abstract to be withdrawn, and then click on "Delete this Submission" at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you wish to withdraw your abstract after the deadline date, your request must be made in writing. Please submit your request via e-mail fuelcellseminar@fchea.org. You will receive a separate confirmation email regarding your withdrawal.
  • Any requests for withdrawal after the deadline date may not be granted prior to review.