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2014 v. 4

Oral Presentations

The 2014 Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition offers one of the most extensive programs dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of hydrogen, fuel cells and fuel cell related products.

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Presentation Tracks run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday, November 10, 2014  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014


1 1:00:00 PM 154 Commercializing Backup Power Fuel Cell Systems in South Africa Romer IdaTech
2 1:30:00 PM 162 Key Applications of Fuel Cell Back Up Power Supporting Critical Communications Infrastructure Crumm Ultra Electronics, AMI
3 1:50:00 PM 21 Creating a Solid Base for Technology Road Mapping using an Integrated Technology Monitoring and Assessment Tool Wancura Synergesis consult.ing
1 3:00:00 PM 220 Development of a Power and Energy-Storage System for Unmanned, Undersea Vehicles (UUV) Roy Hamilton Sundstrand
2 3:20:00 PM 181 SOFC Based UUV Energy System Swartz NexTech Materials, Ltd.
3 3:40:00 PM 231 Hybrid SOFC-Battery Power System for Large Displacement Unmanned Undersea Vehicles Ghezel-Ayagh FuelCell Energy
4 4:00:00 PM 173 DMFC-LIB Hybrid Power System for Unmanned Surveillance Vehicles Choi Samsung SDI
5 4:20:00 PM 161 Integration Challenges Adapting Long Endurance Power Sources for Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems Crumm Ultra Electronics, AMI
6 4:40:00 PM 128 Microbial Fuel Cells with Anti-fouling Conductive Cathode Supports for Stationary Underwater Power Sources Biffinger US Naval Research Laboratory
1 3:00:00 PM 294 Overview of Current Global Fuel Cell R&D and Future Research Needs Behling Independent
2 3:20:00 PM 303 Fuel Cell Market Trends and Real World Experiences Gangi Breakthrough Technologies Institute
3 3:40:00 PM 138 The US and Losing the Race for Fuel Cell Vehicles Jerram Pike Research
4 4:00:00 PM 189 Beyond Demonstration: The Role of Fuel Cells in DoD's Energy Strategy Funk LMI
5 4:20:00 PM 111 Employment Impacts of Early Markets for Fuel Cells: Functionality and Initial Results of JOBS FC Mintz Argonne National Lab
6 4:40:00 PM 184 Federal Fuel Cell Products and Services IDIQ Josefik Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
1 11:00:00 AM 67 Portable Power - Where We Are and Where We Are Going Ho U.S. Department of Energy
2 11:20:00 AM 232 Fuel Consumption Assessment for Military Battery Charging Applications Shah U S Army
1 11:00:00 AM 201 Energy and Power System for ONR's LDUUV Program Bever General Atomics
2 11:30:00 AM 178 Advances in Non Flow-Through PEM Fuel Cells for Air-Independent Applications Smith Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.
1 1:30:00 PM 176 Progress in Developing Practical Fuel Processing Systems for Fuel Cells Roychoudhury Precision Combustion, Inc.
2 1:50:00 PM 81 AVL SOFC System Development and Testing Rechberger AVL List GmbH
3 2:10:00 PM 208 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Development at Delphi Hennessy Delphi Automotive Systems
4 2:30:00 PM 199 Control of the Dual Mode Operation of Generator/Motor in SOFC/GT-based APU for Extended Dynamic Capabilities Jia University of Michigan
5 2:50:00 PM 89 Antares DLR-H2 - Flying Test Bed for Development of Aircraft Fuel Cell Systems Kallo German Aerospace Center (DLR)
6 3:10:00 PM 130 Methanol Fueled High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Unit Jensen SerEnergy A/S
1 1:30:00 PM 164 Integrated Hydrogen Peroxide/Sodium Borohydride/Non-Flow Through PEMFC Systems Evaluation for Air Independent Power and Energy Urian Naval Undersea Warfare Center
2 1:50:00 PM 13 Development a portable Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell- NiMH Battery Hybrid Power System SanlI Turgut Ozal University
3 2:10:00 PM 100 A Design Focused Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell Model Stroman US Naval Research Laboratory
4 2:30:00 PM 144 Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell System Using a Novel Bipolar Plate of Integrated Manifold Kim University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
5 2:50:00 PM 141 Stable Anion Exchange and Bipolar Membranes for Direct Borohydride Fuel Cells for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Arges Illinois Institute of Technology
1 11:00:00 AM 84 Top Level Requirements and Platform Selection for a SOFC-powered UAV Erdle efceco
2 11:30:00 AM 109 Long Endurance Fuel Cell Energy System for Unmanned Undersea Vehicles Rhodes Lynntech, Inc.
3 11:50:00 AM 146 A New Oxygen Source for SOFC Based Power Systems for Long Duration UUVs Presley API Engineering LLC
4 12:10:00 PM 165 Ejector Evaluation for Closed Loop Gas Re-Circulation in PEMFC Stacks for Air Independent Power and Energy Urian Naval Undersea Warfare Center
1 2:00:00 PM 151 Advancing Energy Planning Using GIS Software Barton Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology
2 2:20:00 PM 204 Gas Station Owners' Point of View Bouwkamp California Fuel Cell Partnership
3 2:40:00 PM 226 Systematic Procedure To Generate A Strategic Energy Technology Development Plan: Scenario Planning And MCDM Approach LEE KIER
1 2:00:00 PM 48 Web Based Fuel Cell Education with Experiments Maloney Stark State College
2 2:20:00 PM 45 Developing Fuel Cell and Energy Education in High Schools and Community Colleges Namenye Kettering University
3 2:40:00 PM 296 Office of Naval Research ULI Program Medeiros Office of Naval Research
1 1:00:00 PM 216 Effect of Sulfur on Ni-YSZ Anode in Diesel Reformate for Civilian/Military Application Singh Topsoe Fuel Cell
2 1:30:00 PM 101 Thermal Cycling of SOFC Stacks for Mobile Applications Erikstrup Topsoe Fuel Cell A/S
3 1:50:00 PM 90 High Volumetric Power Density Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Modules Du University of South Carolina
1 1:00:00 PM 18 How Green" are Electric Vehicles?" Thomas Clean Car Options
2 1:30:00 PM 207 Life cycle CO<sub>2</sub> footprint of a fuel cell range-extended electric vehicle Patterson Ricardo UK
3 1:50:00 PM 116 Cost Analyses of Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Full-Battery Electric Vehicle Yang Austin Power Engineering LLC
4 2:10:00 PM 134 Analysis of FCV market penetration due to the hydrogen station deployment Kimura Kyushu University
1 1:00:00 PM 301 Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative Brown National Fuel Cell Research Center
2 1:30:00 PM 302 Infrastructure Roll-Out Analysis for the Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative (H2I) Penev National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1 3:00:00 PM 171 Road to Fuel Cell LEV Commercialization Yang Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies, Ltd.
2 3:20:00 PM 179 Feasibility and Field Test of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Scooter in Taiwan Lin MingDao University
3 3:40:00 PM 129 Hydrogen Scooter Demonstration, Testing and Verification Program Tso Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
4 4:00:00 PM 212 Manufacturing Cost Analysis of Fuel Cells for Forklift and Auxiliary Power Applications Mahadevan Battelle
5 4:20:00 PM 112 Next Generation Fuel Cell Power Modules in Urban Transit Buses Delcore Hydrogenics Corporation
6 4:40:00 PM 210 What We've Learned from 2.5 Years of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Material Handling Operation Kurtz National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1 3:00:00 PM 77 The U.S. Department of Energy's Market Transformation Projects on Renewable Hydrogen for Early Market Fuel Cell Applications Moreland SRA International
2 3:20:00 PM 150 Road Map to the California Hydrogen Highway Bouwkamp California Fuel Cell Partnership
3 3:40:00 PM 156 Pathways to Hydrogen Infrastructure Based on Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysis Moulthrop Proton OnSite
4 4:00:00 PM 200 Use of Established Gasoline Stations as Refueling Infrastructure for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Block Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.
5 4:20:00 PM 214 Analyzing the Next Generation of Hydrogen Stations Sprik NREL
6 4:40:00 PM 223 Hydrogen Bus Fueling Guideline Bouwkamp California Fuel Cell Partnership
1 11:00:00 AM 15 Hydrogen Separation & Purification Using Inorganic Composite Membranes in a Catalytic Membrane Reactor Alkali Robert Gordon University
2 11:20:00 AM 117 Chemical Hydrides for On-Board Vehicle Hydrogen Storage Holladay Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
3 11:40:00 AM 233 Launching a New U.S. FCEV Validation Project Wipke National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1 11:00:00 AM 108 The U.S. DOE Efforts To Address Durability Issues For Fuel Cells In Motive Applications Epping Martin U.S. Department of Energy
2 11:30:00 AM 135 Cost-effective and Durable Mmbrane Electrode Assembley for Automotive Applications Kim Samsung SDI
3 11:50:00 AM 190 Ultra High Power Density PEM Fuel Cell Design Skiba UTC Power
4 12:10:00 PM 149 The Performance of Low Pt Loaded Catalyst Coated Acid Doped PBI Membrane Maric University of Connecticut
1 2:00:00 PM 136 Developing Alkaline Anion Exchanging Membrane Fuel Cells Ren US Army Research Laboratory
2 2:20:00 PM 119 Locally resolved degradation investigations of PEFC components and its application to quality control measures Guelzow German Aerospace Center
3 2:40:00 PM 79 Investigation on Dynamic Water Transport of PEMFCs combining Neutron Radiography and CFD Simulation Scholta ZSW
4 3:00:00 PM 88 Robust, Low-Cost Humidifcaiton System Enabled by System Architecture and Operating Strategy Optimization Berg Ford Motor Company
5 3:20:00 PM 234 Performance of PEFC Stacks with Low-Pt Nanostructured Thin Film Catalysts at High Power Densities Ahluwalia Argonne National Laboratory
1 2:00:00 PM 203 Theoretical And Experimental Study Of SOFC Impedance FU MIT
2 2:20:00 PM 62 In Situ Infrared Emission Spectroscopy of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes: A Chemical Understanding of Durability and Safety Pomfret U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
3 2:40:00 PM 127 Degradation Mechanism of SOFC Cathodes under CrO3 and SO2 Impurity Exposures Horita AIST
4 3:00:00 PM 120 Recent Progress in Development of SOFC Technology at RIST Kim RIST
5 3:20:00 PM 295 Real-time In-line Hydrocarbon Monitoring of Fuel and Impurities Sword Precisive, LLC
1 1:00:00 PM 148 Cracking the Code: Improving Fuel Cell Power Plant Reliability Ramaswamy UTC Power
2 1:30:00 PM 163 Phosphoric acid fuel cell system cost reduction and path to commercialization Kanuri UTC Power
3 1:50:00 PM 87 Novel Fluoroelastomer Sealing Solutions: Chemical and Physical Performance Considerations for Use in Fuel Cell Applications Fukushi 3M Company
4 2:10:00 PM 192 Simplification Accelerates Application Integration Freeman Hydrogenics Corporation
1 3:00:00 PM 174 High Efficiency Fuel Cell For Production of Heat and Power at Camp Parks Josefik Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
2 3:20:00 PM 209 Hydrogen Co-Prodution from a High Temp Fuel Cell for Industry and Transportation Jahnke FuelCell Energy, Inc
3 3:40:00 PM 93 Progress of the Japanese Commercial PEMFC System Isobe Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems Corporation
4 4:00:00 PM 76 Fuel Cells for Buildings: A Real-world Case Study from an End-user Explaining How They Utilize Fuel Cells to Generate Clean, Sustainable and Affordable Energy Shaw UTC Power
5 4:20:00 PM 102 Eastern's PureCell Model 400 Installation Tinker Eastern Connecticut State University
6 4:40:00 PM 172 Regenerative Fuel Cell System for Silent Camp Operation Patel Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
1 11:00:00 AM 206 Status of the SECA Program - 2012 White U.S. DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory
2 11:20:00 AM 10 Analysis of key flex points in fuel cell adoption over the next decade Adamson Pike Research
3 11:40:00 AM 58 The Fuel Cell Today Industry Review 2012 Carter Fuel Cell Today
1 11:00:00 AM 104 Renewable based power production systems for small size buildings by regenerative fuel cell concept Corgnale Savannah River National Laboratory
2 11:20:00 AM 177 Enlarging Potential National Penetration for Stationary Fuel Cells through System Design Optimization Ainscough NREL
3 11:40:00 AM 19 Electrical Energy Storage Options Thomas Clean Car Options
1 1:30:00 PM 187 The Topsoe PowerCore - a Building Block for mCHP Applications Weineisen Topsoe Fuel Cell A/S
2 1:50:00 PM 40 Clean Energy Fuel Cells Provide Backup Power to Mission-Critical Communication Networks Themsen Dantherm Power A/S
3 2:10:00 PM 196 Development and Integration of a High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell Into a Combined Heat and Power System for Stationary Applications Torres EnerFuel, inc
4 2:30:00 PM 191 Fuel Cell Back Up Power - Deployment of Next Generation Platform Kammerer Hydrogenics Corporation
5 2:50:00 PM 142 Development and Manufacturing of SOFC-based products at SOFCpower SpA Bucheli HTceramix-SOFCpower
6 3:10:00 PM 211 Fuel Cells for College Campuses: A Real-world Case Study from an End-user on How One Campus is Utilizing Fuel Cells to Generate Clean, Efficient, Sustainable Power Feulner UTC Power
1 1:30:00 PM 168 Biogas Impurities and Cleanup for Fuel Cells - A Technical and Economic Analysis for a Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell System Papadias Argonne National Laboratory
2 1:50:00 PM 198 Novel Desulfurization Process to Clean-up Bioethanol for Fuel Cell Systems Alptekin TDA Research, Inc
3 2:10:00 PM 175 Compact Steam Reformer with Catalytic Combustor for Hydrogen Production Roychoudhury Precision Combustion, Inc.
4 2:30:00 PM 97 Plasma Assisted Reforming of Jet Fuel Barnes QinetiQ Ltd.
5 2:50:00 PM 155 Military Power Solutions Enabled By Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysis Dalton Proton OnSite
6 3:10:00 PM 227 High Pressure Hydrogen from Renewable Energy Sources: Production and Use Dolan Enabling Technologies, LLC
1 11:00:00 AM 202 Protective Coatings for Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Applications Kidner NexTech Materials
2 11:30:00 AM 69 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials Development at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Stevenson Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
3 11:50:00 AM 16 Solid Oxide Fuel Cells at Versa Power Systems Borglum Versa Power Systems
4 12:10:00 PM 205 Fabrication and Testing of Conductive Coatings for SOFC Interconnects Choi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1 2:00:00 PM 105 Application of High Efficiency Electrolysis to Provide Grid Stabilization for High Penetration of Renewable Power Sources Szymanski Proton OnSite
2 2:20:00 PM 55 Durability Improvement of Membrane-on-Catalyst Module for Hydrogen Production from Natural Gas Iseki Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
3 2:40:00 PM 188 Sulfur Removal Solutions for Liquid-Fueled Fuel Cell Operation on ULSD Fuels Shi Nuvera Fuel Cells
4 3:00:00 PM 157 High Temperature Co-electrolysis of Steam and Carbon Dioxide Using Wind Power Frost Ceramatec
5 3:20:00 PM 122 Proposition of CO2 removable technology using membrane for Hydrogen Station Uemoto Osaka Prefecture Univ. College of Technology
6 3:40:00 PM 215 Regenerable Sorbent System to Cleanup Biogas for Fuel Cell CHP Systems Alptekin TDA Research, Inc
1 2:00:00 PM 123 Internal resistance correction of diagnostics to elucidate the degradation factor distribution in the same electrode on PEFC Kawata Osaka Prefecture Univ. College of Technology
2 2:20:00 PM 186 High Temperature Membrane-Electrode Assemblies (HT MEA) based on Advent TPS® membranes Triantafyllopoulos Advent Technologies SA
3 2:40:00 PM 9 Nanostructured Ultrathin TiO2-Coated MWCNTs with Excellent Conductivity and Electron Transfer as Pt Catalyst Support for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEMFCs Akalework National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)
4 3:00:00 PM 12 Platinum Free Nanocatalysts for Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells Mada Kannan Arizona State University
5 3:20:00 PM 57 Study on the Morphology and Fuel Cell Characteristics of a Modified Chitosan Membrane for Fuel Cell Application Odeh Vaal University of Technology
6 3:40:00 PM 92 Development of Non-Coated Stainless Steel Bipolar Plate for PEMFC at POSCO Jo POSCO