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2014 v. 4


Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition Award

The FCS&EE Awards are given annually to those who have demonstrated significant leadership in promoting the overall advancement of fuel cell technology. It is intended to recognize both R&D accomplishment and those who have promoted partnerships and built coalitions that advance the research and development and/or commercialization/implementation of fuel cells.

Congragulations to Our 2014 FCS&EE Award Winners

 Farooque                       Katoaka

         Dr. Mohammad Farooque                                 Mr. Hirofumi Kataoka

Dr. Bernard S. Baker Student Researcher Award

You're invited to apply for the Dr. Bernard S. Baker Student Researcher Award for Fuel Cell Research. The purpose of the award is to encourage and recognize exceptional student researchers in the field of fuel cell related technologies.  Don't miss this opportunity to show the industry just what you're made of!

Congragulations to Our 2014 Baker Award Winners

First Place: Drew Higgins, University of Waterloo

Second Place:                      Lei Zhang, University of Utah

Third Place:                           Yu Chen, University of South Carolina

Honrable Mentions:

  • Hadis Zarrin, University of Waterloo
  • Wenyuan Li, West Virginia University
  • Sapna Gupta, University of Connecticut
  • Hayri Sezer, West Virginia University
  • Foroughazam Afsahi, Universite' Laval


Click here to learn more and apply